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Cottage Decor

Charming Cottage Decor

Decorating with cottage decor is all about replacing clutter and starkness with simplicity and warmth. While people typically think of cottage decor as being a blend of country styling with a vintage look, cottage decorating today has a decidedly modern twist. By mixing vibrant, passionate colors and tones with classic country home decor, you can create a look that is both soothing in its familiarity, yet all together unique and different. Decor items from Alice’s Cottage, the leading country catalog, can help you create that charming look without costing a fortune.

Use Country Cottage Decor Items Liberally

To create the perfect country cottage, decor items must be chosen and placed strategically. A great place to start is with the furniture. Cottage style furniture is typically old and worn, and pieces may not match each other. This is ok- You can create a complementary look between pieces by placing some matching mug mats or hot pads on each. Don’t be afraid to re-purpose items either. The fact that you can use an old bench as a coffee table or a used and loved kitchen table as a desk is what makes cottage decorating both affordable and so much fun.

Dress the floors with country cottage decor items too. It’s easy to brighten up sparse, bare wood with some throw rugs. Be sure to add a coordinating wool pillow to an old couch to create a pulled-together look.

Windows Need Cottage Home Decor Too

The windows in your home are an often forgotten place for adding cottage home decor. Use country style curtains and window valances to add a soft, airy look. Rich reds and vibrant yellows work well to lighten the tone of a room, and choosing valances with a tulip pattern can help add a vintage flair.

The most charming cottage rooms blend different style fabrics. Using authentic fringed table runners, placemats with traditional gingham checks, and lap quilts with pineapples or flower wheels can create a style that is contrasted, yet complimentary. And don’t forget the knickknacks and accessories either- Simply adding a door draft stopper or a bowl filled with scented homespun apples can really create a cottage mood that is relaxing.

The Most Important Rule of Cottage Decorating

Regardless of your style, the one rule that you must always keep in mind when purchasing cottage decor is simple: Have fun! Don’t be afraid to try new things, bring in new patterns, or add a different color throughout the house. By being unique and using your own style, you’ll be sure to create a room that can become your own personal haven. Need some help? Browse our home decor info section for some decorating ideas, and begin exploring our online catalog now!