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Country Home Decor

Wool pillows can add a classic look to your country home decor

Country home decor can add a feeling of warmth and comfort to any room in your home. With some careful thought and planning, you can add a country motif to virtually any room in your house without having to spend a lot of money. When choosing decorative home accessories, you should think about the following:

Color: Soft, muted, soothing colors are generally associated with the classic country style. Go with light browns, tans, subtle grays, and pale blues if you want to go for a traditional look. To put a more modern twist on your country home decor, try bringing in bright red, flat black, yellow, or optical white. These vibrant hues can give your room more of a vintage European feel.

Fabrics: Traditional country home decor fabrics have checked patterns, stripes, and floral images. Jacquards and wools give a traditional American country feel. Try adding some country kitchen decor items made of canvas, duck, and muslin throughout the room to add some variety. Fabric home decor items should have a soft, luxurious feel, and can have a slightly aged look for added charm.

Accessories: Every piece of decor can be functional as well as beautiful. To keep your carpet clean, perhaps try some interior design table runners. Scented products, such as hot pads can be used in your kitchen to release a delicious, fresh smell. Fabric door draft stoppers, too, can provide a country look and feel while blocking out the chill from outside.

Some other useful items that you may want to consider include:

Finally, and most importantly, have fun while adding a country motif to your home decor. Often, the best way to determine the look that you want is to look at other rooms to decide what you like. Browse a variety of catalogs to find the look that's just right.

Alice's Country Catalog

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